Be happier and more successful.

Facio’s free, easy personal development software helps curious explorers enjoy better outcomes in their career and relationships.

Facio’s quick, simple surveys and powerful reports provide
keen insight.

Facio is for people who want to:

  1. Get ahead.

    Having a great career is a lot easier if you understand yourself and are actively working on your development. Facio is the best tool to help you do that.

  2. Be Happier.

    So much of what makes our lives difficult are simple things that, once realized, can be improved. Facio is great at rooting those out.

  3. Have better relationships.

    While self-understanding is a big part of better relationships, deeply understanding those you work and live with is also huge. Facio makes it simple and fun.


High performers and those looking to get ahead love Facio.

Facio makes it dead simple for individuals and groups to engage in professional development, along with relationship and team building. Using a variety of simple surveys individuals and groups can compare how they actually behave and perform with what others report and, using attractive and informative reports, discover how to get along better, be more productive, and become more satisfied in what you are doing.

It takes just a few minutes to
complete Facio surveys
Viewing the results on anyone who gives you permission to see their data creates powerful moments of insight.

Privacy you control:
personal development, or share and work with others. It’s up to you!

Facio comes alive with sharing and comparing. That’s why we’ve created so many neat tools and reports. But we know some people aren’t comfortable with that kind of transparency. And that’s OK. We made sure Facio would have the controls to help everyone.

By default you share only with your chosen connections, but making it
private or sharing with everyone is easy.